MIT 6.370 Programming Competition

One of my most memorable past projects was when I served as the graphics, sound and web site developer for the 2005 6.370 Robocraft programming competition - MIT’s largest academic competition. The competition that year was organized by my friends Aaron Iba and David Greenspan (former winners of the competition), and they had reached out to me for assistance in late 2004 because there was so much work to be done and precious little time before the competition would be underway. I created all the maps, unit sprites, and sounds for the Robocraft game, and co-developed the web application that supported the entire competition.

Robocraft, developed for the 6.370 competition, is a real-time strategy video game, written in Java, which provides APIs for authoring AI players, and runs head-to-head matches between student-written AI player programs. This is best understood by exploring the archived 2005 competition website, as well as viewing the video of the competition’s finals (see below). Aaron and David are the two guys leading the presentation, and I’m seated in the left front corner of the lecture hall making sure all of the A/V, tournament brackets and software work properly.