My name is Jon Grall, and this is my personal site.

Jon Grall

I'm an entrepreneur and software engineer. I'm also an amateur economist, investor, and a disillusioned Millennial turned concerned citizen. My passion is using technology to improve the everyday lives of millions of people – something that I've been lucky enough to do successfully three times. I specialize in: web and mobile software development; game development; product management; product vision; startup companies; usability and user experience testing. I enjoy solving difficult problems with technology, designing new products and experiences, and working with startups. I have founded 3 companies to date, and I especially love the independence and satisfaction that comes from working for myself.

I grew up in England and France, before moving to the U.S. in 2001 to pursue a Computer Science degree at MIT. After college I spent 10 years living and working in California, much of it in Silicon Valley. Nowadays I now live in quiet Montclair, NJ, not far from New York City, with my wonderful fiancée Eva. My leisure time passions include travel, skiing, soccer, tennis, sailing, scuba diving, archaeology, video games, puzzles, playing guitar, and numismatics (specifically Roman coin collecting). I'm also becoming increasingly interested in political activism, and in modernizing and improving our systems of government. If I could afford to spend all of my time traveling the world, I would.