Tiberium - First-Person Shooter Video Game

Tiberium is a cancelled first-person shooter video game set in the sci-fi Command & Conquer universe. Tiberium was developed at EA Los Angeles between early 2005 and October 2008 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms. The game featured both a single-player campaign and an ambitious multiplayer component that included first-person shooting and multiplayer squad control with AI units.

I joined the Tiberium team in August 2005, and worked on the project until it was cancelled in late September 2008. For the first year of the project I worked on developing the underlying science and fiction for the franchise, as well as helping develop early prototypes and the game's original heads-up display. For the remaining two years that I worked on the game, I served as multiplayer producer, concept art producer (partnering with Lead Concept Artist Jeff Hua and Art Director Steve Burg), and outsourcing producer (I worked extensively with an excellent external developer - Activ8). Game designer Jason Alejandre and I led the development of several multiplayer game modes and six multiplayer maps, and towards the end of the project, I directed single player art production on the first two single-player levels.

Wreckage of Capital Ship Madrid
Nuked City